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We specialize in spot market procurement and urgent needs
Provides services of SMD marking code search/IC Programming/ one stop supply solutions for Electronic Components

Part Number Manufacturer Package Date Code Description In Store Demand quantity BOM
FX8C-120P-SV4(91) HIROSE 4 add
FX8C-120P-SV6(71) HIROSE 10 add
FX8C-120S-SV5(71) HIROSE 20 add
FX8C-120S-SV5(91) HIROSE 2 add
FX8C-120S-SV5(92) HIROSE 10 add
FX8C-140P-SV(71) HIROSE 17 add
FX8C-140P-SV2(93) HIROSE 10 add
FX8C-140P-SV4(92) HIROSE 10 add
FX8C-140P-SV6(91) HIROSE 13 add
FX8C-140S-SV(92) HIROSE 8 add
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